I did a great photoshoot today with myself and some flowers I’d picked.
At a time when my mental health is shaky again it was nice and it was great to capture myself with a smile.

Sadly in the process of transferring them on my computer they all got lost. It broke my heart.

All that I’ve been able to recover is this tiny preview (it wont let me view the image/preview any larger). 

I think it looks beautiful tiny, and repeated. So subtle, a baby step. It really resonates.

I hope you do work up the courage to pick more tomorrow.

ishouldprobalybesleeping asked:

Your Art Assignment is really cool! I think music can tell just as much, if not more than books about a persons personality.

Thank you~ I totally agree. I love books dearly, and I’m sure I could have done a good assignment with the books in my house. But music is just so deeply important to me, as it is to my dad who is a musician and owns most of the CDs, and I wanted to reflect that.