ishouldprobalybesleeping asked:

Your Art Assignment is really cool! I think music can tell just as much, if not more than books about a persons personality.

Thank you~ I totally agree. I love books dearly, and I’m sure I could have done a good assignment with the books in my house. But music is just so deeply important to me, as it is to my dad who is a musician and owns most of the CDs, and I wanted to reflect that.

Inspired by The Art Assignment, and the Nina Katchadourian’s Sorted Books Project.

Rather than sorting books, I sorted my dad’s CD collection into poems. I think they do a fairly good job painting a portrait of their owner.

I found it interesting having to divorce the bare words of the title of the album from my feelings about the album itself. The project takes from some rather embarrassing and rarely played disks, but I had to keep reminding myself that the albums my dad might not want the world to know he has, or that were bought on a whim and aren’t favourites, are still representative of him by virtue of ending up in his hands.